Online Gambling with Tabasco Slots

Long before the Sriracha craze took the nation by storm, tabasco was synonymous with spice. Despite changing tastes, the patented red pepper sauce is still perfect for adding heat to everything from steaks to bloody Mary cocktails. Yet did you know the fiery condiment also spawned equally red-hot Las Vegas slots? For well over a decade slot machine fans have enjoyed the fire and zest of Tabasco slot machines.

Internet gambling enthusiasts can finally feel the heat with incredible Tabasco online gambling inspired by the original, as well as some brilliant perks:

    • An impressive selection of legal and licensed slot machine
    • Convenient deposit methods that are safe and secure
    • Lots of valuable promos, perks, and real cash bonuses
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Tabasco Slots in Las Vegas

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All You Need to Know About Tabasco Slots

Tabasco slots have become one of the most popular themed machines around. The hot spiced themed game takes center stage at all casinos. Inspired by Sujun food, drink, and lifestyle, this game is one of the most exciting slots around.

Theme of the game Hot sauce inspired theme
Type of the game Slots
Common pay line 12-line
Maximum Payout 20,000 credit
Bonuses Country Store bonus round

Taking a Look at the Maker of Tabasco Slots

Prior to the rise of mobile online gambling, Tabasco slots were a fixture on the Las Vegas strip. The earliest games were created by IGT in partnership with the McIlhenny Company, which first released the peppery sauce to the public in 1868. The original Sujun-themed game featured just three reels and a single payline. While that might sound primitive to Tabasco fans in 2021, IGT seriously spiced things up by releasing a 5-reel game with a dozen paylines. With jackpots as high as 200,000 coins, the game was anything but bland. Still, the best was yet to come.

If you're looking for a taste of Tabasco online slots, you should probably get familiar with the ever expanding menu. In 2007, IGT released Chez Tabasco Las Vegas slots. The thrilling video slot features a classic Creole soundtrack and is loaded with Sujun dishes, spices, as well as bottles of the classic taste sensation. More importantly the 20-line video slot has free spins, bonus features, multipliers, and a 400,000-coin jackpot. Whether you are accustomed to playing offline or prefer online gambling, Tabasco slot machines and their offshoots are full of thrills.

Spotting a Top Slot

There are various slots at online gambling casinos. That is why you need to make sure to choose the best ones to play. When choosing the best slots, you should look out for progressive jackpots. Tabasco Slots have one of the most impressive jackpots around. These jackpots will help you win big real money prizes.

High paylines are also an important aspect of slots to look out for. If the paylines are high, you will have more winning combinations at hand. Bonuses and prizes are every gambler’s favorite aspect. Tabasco Slots has multiple bonus rounds that can be accessed by players.

Slots are a solid way to have fun and be in the chance of winning big jackpot prizes. So start playing today!

Alternatives to Tabasco Slots

When online gambling, Tabasco Las Vegas slots are a bit of a rarity. That's because IGT hasn't yet ported the games to your local casino online. Luckily, there's lots of lip smacking action inspired by the menus of Louisiana and beyond. Take a look at our favorite spicy titles that won't leave you reeling from a lack of the Tabasco online slots. Not only with you find real money jackpots that rival Las Vegas slots, but with several top games to choose from, you'll be able to prove that variety is truly the spice of life in 2021.

Three Amigos Internet Gambling

While this game might seem more Mexican than the Child of the Mississippi, keep in mind that tabasco chili peppers originate in Mexico. This is a great game while you're waiting for official online gambling with Tabasco slots. Who doesn't love a world filled with cactuses, tequila, tacos, sombreros, and of course jalapeños? When gambling online, tabasco slot machine fans can easily behind this simple 3-reel slots, which offers top real cash payouts.

Name Three Amigos
Type of game Slots
Theme of the game Mexican themed - cactuses, tequila, tacos, sombreros, and jalapeños
Reels 3-reel slot
Common pay line 1 line
Payout percentage 96.83%
Bonuses No

Three Amigos is a good alternative if you want to stay within the Mexican theme of Tabasco Slots.

Hot Chilies Real Money Slot Machine

Tabasco online gambling fans will learn whether they can handle the heat in this piquant slot. Although there's only one payline, it's easy to win real money in this class three-reel slot machine. Prepare to load up on various chilies and classic Las Vegas slots symbols like bells, bars, and cherries.

Name Hot Chilies
Type of game Slots
Theme of the game Mexican themed – chilies and classic Las Vegas slots symbols.
Reels 3-reel slot
Common pay line 1 line
Bonuses Re-spin and Wild Stack options

When online gambling with Tabasco slots substitutes, this title is a great choice for fans of the earliest versions of the games.

Red Chili Hunter Gambling

Why not head south in search of fiery peppers? That's the thinking behind this betting classic that rivals traditional Tabasco slot machines. This four payline online casino game awards big dollars if you land a trio of chili peppers. There are plenty of secondary real money prizes if you land cactuses, bars, and sombreros. There's no sense sitting on the sidelines waiting for genuine internet gambling tabasco slots machines in 2021. with great gaming action.

Name Red Chili Hunter
Type of game Slots
Theme of the game Mexican themed – chili peppers
Reels 3-reel slot
Common pay line 4 line
Bonuses Yes

It's great betting all around and it's available at plenty of top rated casino site.

Face the Heat Head On

If you love online gambling, Tabasco slots will always make your mouth water. Yet there's no point waiting with bated breath for IGT to bring the action to your favorite online casino. There's plenty of zest even without traditional Tabasco online slots.

Our casino experts have found the best internet gambling titles inspired by Tabasco Las Vegas slot machines. Just visit any of our recommended betting sites and enjoy hundreds of slots. You'll even earn a huge bonus just for signing up.

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