Blazing Sevens Slot Review

Max win $21,000 Jackpot Play for real money
Paylines 10
Rows 10x1
Reels 3

Blazing Sevens Slot offers players an opportunity to effectively play 10 slot machines at once. This vegas slot is part of a genre that's growing rapidly; slots that allow players to spin multiple sets of reels in one place. However, with a fairly low maximum jackpot and an RTP that seems out of kilter with its low volatility, it may not have the substance to match the style.

The Best Susinos to Play Blazing Sevens Slot

How to Play Blazing Sevens Slot Machine Online

For players used to 5x3 video slots, a Blazing Sevens slot machine game will definitely look a little bit different. The game presents players, effectively, with 10 sets of 3-reel slots each with a single payline. In this respect, it's comparable to a 3-reel game with 10 paylines…not that there are very many of those around.

In terms of the machine's layout, graphics and symbols, everything is very minimal here. No doubt, some players might appreciate that lowkey approach and will enjoy watching multiple sets of reels spin. Others, however, might find themselves getting a little bored by the lack of animations.

Basic Info
Type: Video Slot
RTP: 95%
Developer: 1x2gaming
Mobile Friendly: Yes
Free Spins: No
Multiplier Bonus: No
Gamble Feature: No
Reels: 3
Rows: 10
Paylines: 10
Volatility: Low
Theme: Retro/Fruit Machine
Autoplay: No
Adjust Paylines: No
Highest Payout: $21,000
Minimum Bet: 20¢
Maximum Bet: $50

With only a couple of buttons controlling the action, this is a really quick game to get to grips with. Players use the green + and red – symbols to adjust their stake, and it's possible to bet anywhere between $0.20 and $50 per spin.

With most high rollers preferring fancy 5-reel (or more) games, it makes sense that this game appears to be targeted to towards lower rollers.

Confusingly, your total stake is actually displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. The stake between the coloured buttons is your bet per set of reels, which is multiplied by 10 to calculate your total stake. Double check this before you start spinning the reels.

How to Win on Blazing Sevens Slot Machine

During standard play, you can win 100x your stake (stake per set of reels, not your total stake) by lining up three red 7 symbols. That comes out at just $500 when playing Max Bet, but any three matching 7s also triggers the Blazing Sevens bonus round.

Here, you can win up to 420x your stake when you line up three yellow 7s. At Max Bet that translates to a single reel win of $2,100. With a bit of good luck, you could multiply that win by 10 if you land three yellow 7s across every set of reels.

We'll talk more about the bonus round below, but it's worth pointing out here that you still have to pay for all of your spins during the feature. Even so, the addition of yellow and black 7-reel icons means that this is your best opportunity to win big.

Blazing Sevens Slot Pay Table & Paylines

Basic Info 1 Symbol 2 Symbols 3 Symbols
Yellow seven - - 420
Black seven - - 200
Red seven - - 100
Blue seven - - 50
Green seven - - 25
Pink bar - - 20
Violet bar - - 15
Green bar - - 10
Sign dollar - - 5
Cherry - - 2

RTP & Volatility in Blazing Sevens Slot

Blazing Sevens slot machine's RTP is 95%. For a slot with such a low jackpot and no free spins, we would expect higher than this.

Comparable games would probably offer closer to 97% and, while this is unlikely to be noticed during a single session, losses could start to add up the longer you play. Despite some interesting quirks, this low RTP makes it difficult for us compare it to leading slots like Mega Moolah.

A slot's volatility equates to its level of risk, with low volatility slots paying out little and often. High volatility slots, on the other hand, pay out less regularly but award larger sums of cash.

Although there's no guarantee that you won't experience concurrent spins without any wins, Blazing Sevens slots are low volatility. It's common to experience at least one or two wins on most spins, though these won't always outweigh your initial stake.

If you like a lengthy playing session, low-jackpot slots like Blazing Sevens are a great option for you. As you might expect, the game typically pays out less often during its higher paying bonus round.

How Does Blazing Sevens's Winnings Compare to Other Slot Games?

The maximum single line payout of this game, triggered by 3 Yellow 7s during the Blazing Sevens bonus feature, is 420x your stake. Note again that this is your stake per set of reels, not your total stake. At Max Bet that works out at a win of $2,100. Even if you're lucky enough to line up 10 sets of three Yellow 7s, that's a maximum jackpot of $21,000. Pretty low for a slot game in 2020.

Blazing Sevens Slot Bonuses

Initially, Blazing Sevens doesn't feel like the type of slot that would have a bonus round. We were pleasantly surprised, however, to find that Blazing Sevens actually does offer a bonus feature.

In lieu of any free spins or mini-games, Blazing Sevens instead ups the maximum payout of the machine by substituting all symbols for 7s for up to 20 spins. Curiously, black 7s and yellow 7s are now worth the biggest jackpots even though we'd argue that red is a much better indicator something is blazing.

It's a pretty fun feature but it's hugely important to highlight again that these aren't free spins; however many you trigger, you'll have to pay to use them. If your bankroll is running dry, and you're unlucky, you could end up losing out before you win here.

Free Online Blazing Sevens Slot Game

It can often be useful to test out free slot games before you play for real money, and that's particularly true for games with unusual layouts like Blazing Sevens.

Plus, we've talked elsewhere about the discrepancy between how the game uses the terms «stake» and «total stake». Free Blazing 7 slot machine games are useful for getting to grips with that terminology.

We've mentioned above that this game's bonus feature doesn't involve any free spins. Although you can never predict exactly when a bonus round will trigger, a Blazing Sevens free slot game might help you get a sense of what you can afford to wager – it would be awful to burn through your bankroll in the middle of a feature.

Blazing Sevens Mobile Slots

With their 2x5 layout, Blazing Sevens slots have huge potential to be the perfect slot for smartphones and tablets used portrait rather than landscape. We've been waiting a long time for a slot to take advantage of the default format of mobile devices, and unfortunately, we're still waiting…

The limitations of online casinos and apps mean that Blazing Sevens must still be used in landscape mode, which results in a ton of wasted space on either side of the reels. Despite that, its very minimal interface works pretty well on small screens.

Overall, we can't see any obvious reason why players on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone etc. would choose this game over something with a higher RTP, a larger jackpot or some free spins to be chasing.

Similar Slots to Play Online

There are plenty of 3-reel games and fruit machines out there with similar icons to a Blazing Sevens slot machine game – cherries, BARs and, of course, 7s – but the game's multi-reel approach is unusual. It's not the only game of this type out there, but they're still not particularly common and 1x2gaming deserves some credit for that.

That said, it doesn't necessarily seem to have caught on in a big way. With most 5-reel games offering so many paylines or ways to win, there's not much attraction to using multiple sets of reels.

At the time of writing, 1x2gaming hasn't followed up on their Blazing Sevens slot machine with any sequels or spinoffs. It remains to be seen whether or not they'll widely extend their use of offbeat mechanics, like the 2x5 format seen here, or stay more traditional in their future games.

If Blazing Sevens isn't quite doing it for you, you might enjoy the below games. Each one of them has something in common with this slot, from gameplay to reel quirks:

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Blazing Sevens Online Review

In theory, Blazing Sevens is a really great idea. Table games like multi-hand blackjack and multi-wheel roulette have proven extremely popular, so it's not surprising that some slots titles are following suit and letting players spin many reels at once.

Unfortunately, as you've seen from our Blazing Sevens slot review, this just isn't a great execution of this concept. The absence of free spins is hard to swallow, even if the bonus feature rewards players in other ways, and its jackpot is very low.

There are definitely some gamblers who will enjoy this game, perhaps big fans of 3-reel slots and old school fruit machines, but we think that most would be players will need a little more to play Blazing Sevens with any sort of consistency. All in all, it's worth a try but don't be surprised if you don't fall in love with it.

For Blazing Sevens slot, we give this game a rating of 6.5/10. To learn more about our assessment and grading of casinos and games, check out our How We Rate page. We work closely with the independent regulatory bodies below to ensure every player on our site has a secure and reliable experience.

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Blazing Sevens Slot Reviews by Players

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  • What is the RTP for Blazing Sevens slot?

    Blazing Sevens has an RTP of 95% which is honestly pretty low considering the size of its jackpot. We talk more about the slot's RTP and volatility above, but the short version is that we'd expect a game like this one to have an RTP of closer to 97%. Ultimately, however, playing sessions can vary considerably from this figure.

  • When was Blazing Sevens slot released?

    Despite having some seriously retro visuals, Blazing Sevens was released at the end of 2018. Since the game is fairly new, you might not be able to find in as many venues as older games from bigger software providers.

  • Does Blazing Sevens have a progressive jackpot?

    In a word, no. That's why you can enjoy a Blazing Sevens free slot game. But here's where things get a little confusing: IGT put out a slot that's also called Blazing Sevens, usually stylized as Blazing 7's. This offline slot did indeed, unlike the 1x2 variation, offer a (local) progressive jackpot.

  • Sun I play Blazing Sevens on mobile?

    Yes, you can! Above we've touched on how the format of online casino sites and apps prevents paid/free Blazing 7 slot machine games from using the layout that would be optimal for it. The game is, however, available wherever you can find 1x2gaming titles. If in doubt, check out our list of recommended venues that offer it further up this page.

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