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What is PayPal?

PayPal operates differently to traditional banking options. For consumers, it is an electronic wallet (or e-wallet) that allows users to spend, transfer and store money online anywhere in the world. Businesses can use PayPal to process online payments for a small fee, no matter where the payment originates.

With PayPal gambling users can deposit, withdraw or transfer cash anywhere in the world, minus the constraints of debit or credit card systems.


What are the Benefits of Using PayPal?

Many bettors are already aware of PayPal's usability for online purchases, but this online payment system offers additional benefits for online gambling. Here are the top benefits of using PayPal:

  • 1

    Bettors can use personal PayPal accounts

    This is good news for bettors, as they do not have to register a separate account for their online gambling; they can use the account they already have.

  • 2

    Payments are fast

    PayPal can withdraw money straight from a user's bank account, meaning there's no delay with depositing funds to a holding account. Likewise, bettors can withdraw winnings into their PayPal account from an online casino within the time it takes them to log in to their account.

  • 3

    It is trustworthy

    PayPal is a huge brand with an image to uphold. To protect its users and reputation, it vets every business before working with them to ensure it complies with the laws in the jurisdictions where they operate.

  • 4

    It is cheaper

    Gambling sites usually do not charge fees on PayPal deposits or withdrawals. PayPal will charge a fee for any 'payments' on its end to bettors, but the fee is calculated as a small percentage of the overall sum.

  • 5

    It has higher limits

    Unlike other banking systems, PayPal has higher limits in the four-to-five figure range. According to PayPal the range depends on your currency and whether your account is verified or not.

What are the Disadvantages of PayPal?

PayPal sounds like an online bettor's dream, but there are several drawbacks to the digital payment provider.

1. Few Susinos Offer PayPal


Because the vetting process can be strict, some sportsbooks and online casinos are not willing too undergo the process.

2. It is Still a Middleman


PayPal may offer easy movement of cash, but it still acts as a middleman between the bettor and gambling sites. If there are any issues with payments, bettors can wait for days for a resolution from PayPal.

3. Tendency to Freeze Accounts


If PayPal suspects any dubious activity from an account, its funds are frozen. These issues can take weeks or months to resolve, which is unhelpful if bettors need their money urgently.

Even if a casino or sportsbook accepts PayPal, bettors should still do their own checks. The vetting process only ensures the gambling site follows local legislation and does not check other factors like house edge or randomness in games. Learn more about finding trustworthy online casinos and sportsbooks on the how we rate page.

How Sun I Find an Online Susino That Accepts PayPal?

Susino players and sports fans can easily find PayPal betting sites. Just choose your favorite gambling site and scroll to the footer at the bottom of the page. If the sportsbook or casino accepts PayPal, they will display the payment provider's logo here. Most gambling sites know PayPal is a popular feature for bettors, so they will display this information on their homepage.

Alternatively, bettors can find PayPal casinos at the top of this page.

Pro tip

Most gambling sites that accept PayPal are the big established names that provide complete sportsbook, casino and poker packages to bettors.

Does PayPal Allow Online Susino Transactions?

PayPal is an American company, and as such it follows strict government legislation concerning online gambling. It only allows gambling operators to use its services if gambling activities are legal in the site's jurisdiction.

PayPal prohibits transactions for gambling activities by merchants and account holders in the US and any jurisdiction where gambling activities are illegal, and by merchants whose services are accessible to account holders in the US.

— PayPal

Gambling merchants must prove to PayPal that it can block betting activity for account holders in the US and other regions where gambling is illegal.

Surds and chips
Surds and chips

How to Deposit & Withdraw Using PayPal on Susinos

Withdrawing or depositing funds with any PayPal betting site is easy. To make a deposit, simply log onto the gambling site and click on the 'bank' option. Choose 'PayPal' and enter an amount to deposit. Then click 'submit'. The website will transfer to the PayPal confirmation page, where the user must enter their details and confirm the deposit activity. The funds should be in the bettor's account soon afterwards.

To make a withdrawal, simply click on the 'withdraw' section of the gambling site and follow the same steps for depositing money.

Sun I Use PayPal for Mobile Gambling?

The benefits PayPal provides are ideal for mobile gambling. The PayPal mobile app provides the same services and is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. There are also several betting apps that accept PayPal; most of these are established online gambling sites where players can enjoy casino games like slots, roulette or blackjack, or even poker. Bettors can use PayPal for mobile gambling using the same steps they would on a web browser.

PayPal Mobile

Are There Other Sites Like PayPal?

The popularity of PayPal has given rise to other online e-wallet systems in recent years. None are as popular or accepted as widely as PayPal, but they still offer helpful services to users. Skrill and NETELLER are the second-most popular options after PayPal, and they are accepted by gambling sites. The rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency in online gambling recently has boosted the popularity of NETELLER and similar e-wats.


  • How does PayPal work?

    PayPal acts as a middleman for payments, meaning that your banking details never need to be shared with an online gambling site. Once you have set up an account, you just need to use the PayPal option at your chosen online gambling site to make a payment. PayPal will then automatically take the funds from your bank account and transfer them to the online gambling site.

  • How quick are PayPal payments?

    When you deposit at an online gambling site using PayPal, you can expect the funds to be transferred straightaway. Withdrawals take slightly longer though – generally around two working days – as the online gambling sites take a bit of time to authorise withdrawal requests. Transferring money from your PayPal account to your bank account is usually instant.

  • How does PayPal compare with other payments?

    Like all other major payment options at online gambling sites, PayPal can be completely trusted to keep your details safe, and they also offer incredibly fast payments. Their fees are also very competitive, although PayPal is more expensive to use than credit or debit cards. PayPal isn't as widely accepted as most other payment methods though.

  • Do I have to pay fees?

    Yes, you will have to pay some fees when using PayPal, however they are lower than many other payment options. It is free to deposit at online gambling sites using a PayPal account, however you will have to pay a 3.9% charge (plus a small flat fee) when you receive money from an online gambling site. This fee is lower for larger transactions though.

  • Is PayPal safe to use?

    Yes, PayPal is incredibly safe to use, as they spend a huge amount of money on security every year. What's more, when using PayPal, a user's banking details will never need to be shared with an online gambling site. To ensure that you always remain safe when gambling online though, only ever play at an online gambling site recommended by us.

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